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Ibanez RG530 Roadstar II

Ibanez RG530 Roadstar II Rebuild Project

Ibanez RG530 Roadstar II Rebuild Project This is a compiled project portfolio originally found on GideonD’s private blog. In this project we took an old Ibanez RG530 Roadstar II and upgraded the guts of it while leaving the aged ascetics alone. Enjoy! Introduction I stumbled across this bad boy on Ebay late one night when […]

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Ibanez RG470

Ibanez RG470 Rebuild and Modification

Ibanez RG470 Rebuild and Modification This post is a compiled version of the original 5 part Ibanez RG470 project portfolio found on GideonD’s personal blog. It has been slightly edited and improved, but remains broken into phases just like the original was. Ibanez RG470 Rebuild and Modification – Phase 1 Some Background Orion ordered this […]

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Lace Sensors

Ibanez RX170 Project

Ibanez RX170 Rebuild Project ┬áSome Background This Ibanez RX170 is another guitar a friend of mine wants worked on. (Same friend that owns the RG470) This is a real low quality guitar from Ibanez’s Korean made RX series back in the 90s. This is an Ibanez RX 170, featuring an all maple neck and plywood […]

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instrument cables

Making Your Own Instrument Cables

Overview This project is a continuation of the Homemade Pedal Board project. Once a pedal board is constructed you need good quality patch cables to hook all of your pedals together with. You can buy these pre-made, but finding good quality cables can be tricky. To avoid this I decided to make my own with […]

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